Highlight the text you'd like to edit or format. The Text Editor pops up and offers formatting options, such as bold, italicize, bullets, text color, text justification, and preset options, such as the Header and Body text. 

The Text Editor settings are customized for you so that formatting is always consistent and aligned with your branding. 

Other features:

  • If you prefer your previously saved version, click the Eraser to reset.
  • To add a link, highlight the appropriate text, and then click on the Link icon. Choose between entering a complete URL, including http:// or selecting from your other existing pages. If you'd like for the link to pop up in a new window, check the New Window box. Click on the Check icon to save.

To save changes

Save & Exit or Save Changes at the top right if you'd like to continue editing. If you don't want to save the changes, click Discard Changes

For more questions, chat with us by clicking on the bottom right icon. We'll treat you like the VIP that you are.

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