The header is a key element of your website and is typically featured at top of most pages.

  • Hover over the top left Menu button of the Header card. 
  • Choose the Gear icon to edit settings. 
  • Adjust the vertical height of the Header.
  • Choose between featuring your logo or text. 

If you choose text, edit under Small and Large Heading.


If you choose logo, scroll down and click Media Library under logo. Your Media Library sources images already uploaded to your website. This makes reusing an image easier!

Click Upload Image if you are uploading an image for the first time. 

You can edit the image or delete it. This is also how you can edit the background image. 

Click Upload Logo to upload a new image for the background, or click Media Library to use an image already uploaded.

Check the Darken Background box to place a dark filter over the background image. 


Check the Hide Button box will remove the button from the header. The button can be used to link to any internal or external page.

Change button text under Button Text

To change the button link, choose from existing pages or copy and paste a complete URL (http:// included). Check Open in New Window if you would like the page to open in a new window. 

Pro Tip: The value of this button prompts visitors to a page that you want to feature, such as promoted products or signing up for a newsletter. 

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