First, have you selected your featured products on the dashboard? Read this before learning how to show your home page.

On the Website tab, Edit the home page.

Scroll to the Product List card. Hover over the red circle and select Edit Settings.

The left window will expand with various choices. The options are as follows:

  • Hide Filters
  • Hide Price Filter
  • Show Featured Products only
  • Hide Brands filter
  • Hide Countries Filter
  • Hide Type Filter

Check the boxes in which suit your objective for the product list. If you do not see all the choices available in the photo, press Sync Card. 

For the purposes of this article, we will select Show Featured Products only and Hide Filters.

Click Save and Exit. Then preview your website.

Recommendation: Add the Header Card above the Product List. Hide button and type in FEATURED PRODUCTS.

Now let's add your full product list!

Back on the Pages tab, click Add Page.

A window will pop-up. Enter the settings as follows:

Click Save and Close. Edit the new Product List page. Add Card. Drag and drop Product List Algolia 1.0 onto the page. You can Edit Settings if you choose to hide any filters. Save and Close.

Recommendation: Add the Default Banner 1.0 card above the Product List card to add a visual impact to the page.

Now we need to add the new Product List page to your website navigation. Click on Website Settings. Enter a Label. This is how it will appear in the navigation i.e. Our Products. Select the correct page from the URL drop-down menu. It will be what you named it when you entered in the settings earlier. In this case, it is called Product List. 

Then click Add. Drag and drop the page to the order you'd like it to appear in the navigation. We suggest after the home page.

Click Save and then click Close. Preview your website to see if you need to make any changes.

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