Tablet Support
This overview assumes that your client has already completed the Purchase Order Form

  1. Create an account for your client. You can create Sellr accounts at Please see our Reseller notes on this. This will create the account used to access the Sellr Dashboard and mobile app. 
  2. Import customer product information. This is done manually through the Sellr Dashboard, or through Point-of-Sale integration. 
  3. Make sure you and your client have completed our pre-installation checklist. These steps help ensure an efficient and successful installation. The linked article is intended for store managers, but the main points remain the same. Each installation point will need power and access to wifi. Hardware will be shipped directly to you, the reseller. You will also be responsible for establishing solid lines of communication with the store staff.
  4. Notify Sellr of your installation date. Sellr will provide remote support if possible. Please send an email to with your proposed installation time. If you'd like speed up the installation process, you can pre-register your devices using this form.
  5. Review installation instructions beforehand. Tablets must be installed horizontally. Double check your supplies and equipment so you have everything on hand while on-site. 
  6. Tablets will be shipped with Sellr firmware installed. You'll need to enroll each device to run the Sellr app. 
  7. Once a tablet has been enrolled, it will default to a tamper-proof mode. To unlock the tablet and access device settings, such as wifi, follow these instructions.

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