As a business, you have to set an objective for posting your picture on social media. If you're sharing information, infographics do well on business pages. When promoting your weekly specials, a high resolution photograph from a smartphone or digital camera can do the trick with some basic photography elements, like the Rule of Thirds

Knowing your general guidelines for each social media platform will help you take multiple pictures that can be posted to each platform to meet the basic size guidelines or one picture that can be edited to fit.

Go from good to great images with a few considerations.
If you're hosting a wine tasting, get a close-up shot of the wine and a glass. 

Remember to think about the story you want to tell and capture that in the image.
You’re only going to have a few seconds before a follower is scrolling past your image to look at the next headline on their feed.

The Rules of Engagement

Depending on the platform you’re posting your images to, there are different rules you need to follow. Here is a list of what you can post per social media channel.


Everyone knows that the character limit is 140 characters—spaces and hashtags (#) included. You can also upload a photo using the dimensions shared in the image guide linked above.


They say a picture is worth one thousands words so thankfully the character limit on Facebook is much longer—but do not get carried away. The guidelines for posting to Facebook say to use minimal text and if you are promoting your posts, the guidelines become rules. More good news, you can post multiple pictures in a carousel in the same post.


Instagram, the square sharing site, only allows 20% text on your images and no more than 30 hashtags. Not sure how much text your image has? Use the Text Overlay Tool to see if you’re within the limits. (Note: Facebook owns Instagram so the overlay tool is on Facebook. Bonus: Facebook owns Instagram which makes it easier to integrate one social tool with the other.) Another Instagram rule is that links in your descriptions won’t click through unless you’re using paid ads on the site.

Make it Great

If you’ve taken a great picture or made a great infographic, resized it to fit within the set size guidelines, and are good to go with the character, hashtag, and text limits, run your image through this one last test: go to your Facebook feed and ask yourself if your image is better than the first 5 posted in your newsfeed. If the answer is yes, post away! If not, back to the drawing boards. Play with your hashtags, reformat your photos, and try again. Practice makes it better. 

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