Our cards allow for several layouts for a dynamic digital menu. We've made it easy to use. In this article, you can create a dynamic digital menu with just one card - the Default Banner 1.0 card.

  • First, Add Card.Select Default Banner 1.0.
  • Edit Settings. A window will expand from the left-side.
  • Choose full-height from the Banner Size drop-down menu. This will allow the background image to be shown at full height.
  • Then upload a desired background image. You can drag and drop the image into the image uploader or find a file by clicking Upload New.
  • Darken the background to make the text pop. If you make it too dark, the image will be too difficult to see.
  • Choose textonly from the Layout drop-down menu. The buttons will disappear.
  • Edit and format the text. Play around with what works for you and the visual impact of the menu!

Here's a preview of what it could look like using the Default Banner 1.0 card.

Simple Menu Card
Learn more here about how to format the Simple Menu Card here.

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