Connecting your social media accounts to the Sellr dashboard allows you to review Facebook statistics, Twitter interactions, and Google Analytics in one space. Click on the Sellr logo in the top left corner of the dashboard to go back to viewing your reports. 


View weekly, monthly, and custom reports once you've connected your accounts on the homepage of the Sellr dashboard.


You should already have a Facebook business page set up. If not, follow this link to create yours today.

  • Click Connected Accounts in the top navigation.
  • Click Connect under Facebook.
  • Log in to your store's Facebook account.
  • Choose the page you want to allow to connect.
  • Select the Facebook Business page from the drop-down menu.
  • Save.
  • Click the Sellr logo at the top left to view your reports.


  • Type in your Twitter handle.
  • Save.


  • Login to your MailChimp account.
  • Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel, and choose Account.
  • Click the Extras drop-down menu and choose API keys.
  • Copy an existing API key or click the Create A Key button.
  • Name your key descriptively, so you know what application uses that key.
  • Paste the API key under MailChimp in Connected Accounts on the Sellr Dashboard. 
  • Save.

Google Analytics

Click here to learn how to connect to Google Analytics.

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