The Sellr REST API allows you to integrate with the Sellr platform using simple HTTP methods in JSON format. The API currently allows you to perform actions such as downloading a store's product inventory or importing a store's inventory into a Sellr store account.

Before We Get Started

A user account is required to use the Sellr API. If you don't have a user account, please contact to request an account with "API Access".

Obtaining an API Access Token

An access token is required to use the Sellr API. The token is used as part of the HTTP method authorization. Your access token is associated with your Sellr account and will only be available if "API Access" has been enabled for your account.  

To retrieve the access token for your account:

  1. Log into the Sellr Dashboard
  2. Select "Connected Accounts"
  3. Copy the token from the "API Key" box 
  4. Note the accountId and storeId, which are also used as parameters for the API request

If you don't have an "API Key" box on your "Connected Accounts" page, email us at to get "API Access" enabled for your account.

Exporting Products Using the API

The Sellr product export API returns a list of a store's product inventory that has been curated by Sellr. 

Response Format





*Authorization   Authorization API access token.
*accountId    Account ID of store to import producst into    
*storeId         Store ID of store to import products into     


Note: * Indicates a requirement

See below for an example of a sample request

The API returns a list of Sellr curated products associated with your store. 

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